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Here, I will talk about my journey and research of my products and other things.

As I begin this journey in organic skin care products, everything is still in the making. 

I will be sharing my journey from the beginning and so on. I price my products based on the making, the number of ingredients, and the quality of the product.

I'm not making organic products as a hobby or another company selling skin care products. The reason for starting this business is to provide healthy, non-toxic, 100% pure organic products that eliminate and not medicate.

You will not need to subscribe to SDOP and purchase my products every month for skin care. My skincare products eliminate most skin issues the first time. I'm researching the best ingredients to cure skin issues. I'm learning more every day, what to do and not do.

The amount of money spent on skincare products, and the skin issue is still there, or you buy a toxic skincare product that works but deteriorates the skin and causes it to age faster, it will be wise to invest in a 100% organic product that works.

Soul Different name has a lot of different meanings behind them. One of them is it will do what other products cannot do; cure most skin issues the first time with all healthy ingredients, non-toxic.


"Slay My Shea" Organic body butter is 100% USDA Pure, Organic, Unrefined Raw African Shea Butter with Essential Oils, Carrier oils, Etc.

24hr Moisturizing Body Butter · Vegan · For Dry & All Skin Types

This luxurious whipped body butter with Shea Butter absorbs quickly to nurture and moisturize skin.

This body butter is one of my best products.

It helped a family member with cancer who takes chemo with itching, dryness, and stiffness; by soothing the skin and giving comfort until it's washed off. It removed my husband's skin tag and a few dark spots on his leg that had been there for years.

It's clearing up my son's face a dermatologist couldn't do. It got rid of the hyperpigmentation that was on my sister-in-law's face.

One of my customers said it's cleared their hyperpigmentation and helps prevent sunburn.

So as this research continues, I will add more of what this product does.

This product is available now in the online store. You can also request a free tester.

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