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  • Are your Skincare Products Organic?
    Yes, our Skincare Products are Handmade, Transparent and 100% Organic Vegan Cruelty-Free. We Only Use High-Quality Ingredients That Are USDA Certified, 100%Pure, Natural, And Toxic-Free when making our skincare products.
  • Do you ship outside of the U.S.?
    Yes, we ship worldwide.
  • Can my order be delivered without shipping if I live in the Treasure Coast area?
    Yes, within a certain mile radius. There is a delivery charge unless the order is over the amount specified. All information is available at checkout.
  • Why are Skincare Products Pre-ordered?
    · Pre-ordering a product guarantees that when the product is available, you will receive it. We allow pre-orders within a month of release, but most likely three weeks max. · Pre-orders are paid for in advance at checkout. You can request a refund if the timeframe changes to a later date or is no longer available. · We sell our products at events and other locations, our online inventory stock decreases, or the products listed online have already been sold or pre-ordered offline. · All our products are handmade and toxic-free. We do not store them on shelves or in a warehouse; knowing how many products to make within a timeframe for quality is more important than quantity, and pre-orders help determine this.
  • Can I pick up my order?
    Yes, you can pick up your order. The location and information regarding days and time is available at checkout.
  • Does my subscription fee change if the price of my product goes up?
    No, the price is the same until the end of the subscription. Once the subscription ends and you decide to renew it, it will be the price indicated.
  • Which skincare product is good for dark spots and pigmentation?
    Our Number 1 Best Seller, "Slay My Shea" Body Butter, and "Triple Butter Lover" Body Butter.
  • Which skincare product is good for aging skin?
    "Youth Got The Look" 100% Pure Organic Anti-Aging Serum and Cream.
  • Are you family-owned and operated?
  • What is "SDOP Skin Cure Research," and how can I donate?
    Donate today to help fund SDOP Skin Cure Research. Our goals are to create life-changing, Toxic-Free Skincare Products that are Transparent and Eliminate, not Medicate.
  • Do you have Google Reviews online?
  • If I bought a product, how can I still give a review if I don't have Gmail?
    You can contact us via email or phone to give a review. We will eventually add "Testimonials" from our valued customers.
  • Can I attend an event without subscribing?
    No, unless accompanied as a plus-one with a subscriber at the event or received a flyer as a promotion to attend an event. To learn more about "Beautiful Soul Deep Club," and join now, click the link below.

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