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Meet the Owners, King Abu and Queen Voice, Two Visionaries with a Sole Goal and Purpose to Create Quality Life-Changing Products that "Rejuvenates the Body, Pleases the Soul, And Makes the Spirit Feel Like Gold."

Soul Different Organic Products Is a Family-owned and- operated, Woman-owned, and African-owned Beauty and Skincare Business in Port Saint Lucie, FL.


To Ensure We Get The "Real Mc Coy," We Invest in High-Quality Transparent Pure/Raw 100% USDA-Certified Non-Toxic Organic Ingredients When Making Our Beauty and Skincare Products, and Genuine Quality For our High-Energy-Balanced Jewelry.

Soul Different Organic Beauty and Skincare Products are for those who prefer Handmade, High-Value Quality, 100% Non-Toxic, Animal Cruelty-Free, Eco-Friendly, and Peaceful Mind.


Our #1 Goal is to research every herb-bearing tree until we get the right ingredients that produce quality life-changing results.

Our motto is to eliminate, not medicate.

Each product is handmade, resonating with positive energy, vibes, and frequencies.


We wouldn't ask you to put anything on your body that we haven't tried first. We have tried and tested, and we approve this message.

"A Name with A Business Idea Was Born"


Our history and the development of "Soul Different Organic Products" is a dream come true and a testimony waiting to unfold.


It started in 2007 when we came up with the name "Soul Different;" while eating at a soul food restaurant and talking about how our food tasted better than the restaurants we would frequently visit.


We said our cooking was Soul Different from the Plan Jane food we eat when we eat out and fell in love with the name "Soul Different," we then agreed to start a Restaurant and Production Company titled "Soul Different " because cooking and writing Screenplays is also a passion.


"Bright Idea and Back to Light"


Fast forward to thirteen years later, and after a few other businesses we started, the bright idea of "Soul Different" came back to mind, but with a 360-degree turn and twist, and in 2020, "Soul Different Organic Products" was born.


"Hold The Animals and Other Toxins, please."


At this time in our lives, we're on a deeper spiritual level, stepping outside the matrix and becoming one with our consciousness, nature, and the universe. 

We are vegans and health conscious about what we put in and on our bodies.

We would read the ingredients, then Google everything, and were highly disappointed about the toxicity in the food and skincare products.


"Time To Make Quality Non-Toxic Organic Products" 


Already having experience and qualifications as a Professional Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Fitness, Beauty, Health, and Nutrition Consultant, we started making skincare products and would share and sell them with family, friends, co-workers, etc.

"The Results Are In, And It's a Winner"


After witnessing the results of our skincare products and witnessing the happiness and testimony of everyone who used our products, we wanted to share these products on a broader scale by turning "Soul Different" into an Organic Skincare Business that sells non-toxic beauty and skincare products; so fast forward another two years later and in 2022 we started the Website for "Soul Different Organic Products" and went Online with an Introduction on our Sister Online Business, "Zoetically Me Poetry Facebook, and received over 30,000 likes.


"Taking A Deeper Look and Getting to The Bottom Of It"


The Nature of Soul Different Organic Products is researching and finding cures to end skin issues, even old age skin, Rejuvenating the Body, Pleasing the Soul, And Making the Spirit Feel Like Gold.


"Our Products are Professionally Handmade with Positive Energy and High Frequency. They are Soul Different Because They Make You Feel and Look Good, and They Work."

"Soul Different Aims to Eliminate, Not Medicate"


Every Handmade Organic Skincare Product Can Fade and Eliminate Skin Issues and Not Just Medicate Them; Our Jewelry Resonate on Positive Energy and Frequency That Protects from Negative Energies and the Evil Eye.

We Research and Do Homework Before Making Our Products.


We Only Use High-Quality Ingredients That Are USDA Certified, 100%Pure, Natural, Organic, And Toxic-Free.

We Create Names for Our Products That Are Unique And Different, and accurate information in the description to enlighten and educate on the products so you can make the best decision.

"Our Purpose And Passion"


We are not just another skincare business that sells products. 

We want to make a difference and create organic skincare products that work, helping people to feel good about "the skin you're in." From children to young adults to middle-aged and senior citizens, everyone has the right to look and feel good about themself.


Our number one purpose and passion with this business is to create organic plant-based, non-toxic skincare products for all skin types and skin issues, such as our Number One Seller, "Slay My Shea" Organic Body Butter. 


It has helped with eliminating skin issues, such as Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Warts, Soothing Cancer Patient Skin, Hyperpigmentation, etc., including our Anti-Aging Serum and Cream, Youth Got The Look," that will Smooth Out Old-Looking Skin by Reducing Wrinkles, Shrink Bags Under Eyes, Age Spots, Fine Lines, Crow's Feet and Give The Appearance Of Healthier Younger Looking Skin, So far, So Good, as our research continues until we master the unimaginable and find a cure for all skin-type and skin issues, and everything else that comes with aging.


"We love what we do as we continue to find breakthroughs."


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We hope our story motivates you to follow your dreams and never stop until they become a reality.


"Be willing to be bold enough to have what you want in this life; stay optimistic.


"The mind is the most powerful place on earth; own it."

  • Queen Voice

Queen Is One Of The Founders and Owners.


Queen Voice is an Author, Poet, Beauty, Health, and Nutrition Consultant/Coach, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Life Changing Motivational Speaker/Coach, Spiritual Advisor, Business and Marketing Consultant, and part of the National Association of Professional Women.

Goals, Facts, and Discovery

"We believe what you apply on your skin also goes within."
Handmaking Skincare Products and Knowing What's in The Bottle Gives Everyone Peace of Mind, Especially with The Health-Related Issues That Come with Using Over-The-Counter Beauty and Skincare Products. 


Most skincare products are Toxic, have Confusing Names, and a Book for the Ingredients.


The global skincare market value at USD 104.24 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow from USD 109.71 billion in 2023. 


The sad truth about this is most of these companies that invest in skincare products do not care about the high-risk danger and health-related issues that come with the toxins that go into making these products.


The other sad truth is that some people who buy skincare products care more about the outside than the deterioration that's on the inside. 


We are Big on Positive Energy and High frequency and very Excited and Passionate about Creating Transparent Organic Skincare Products that cure skin problems, even old age skin, including wrinkles, by eliminating instead of medicating. We started a research foundation called "SDOP SKIN CURE RESEARCH." Click on the link to learn more and offer a donation. 


Soul Different Organic Products/Beautiful Soul Deep



The Ingredients are all USDA-Certified, Toxins and Chemicals Free, 100% Pure, Natural,

Raw, Unrefined, and Rich in Healthy Vitamins Carriers and Essential Oils.

Every Product Is 100% Organic; and Handmade.

We Make The Products When Feeling And Resonating, On High Positive Energy And Frequency.


Toxins And Dangerous Chemicals Are A No-No In Our World, And If It's A No In Your World,

Then You Are In The Right Place.


Here at Soul Different Organic Products


We RESEARCH Every Ingredient And Test It Before Including It In the Products.

Our Ultimate Goal is to give people peace of mind by not having to use store-bought toxic products that could lead to health problems and could have been on the shelf for years. 

Our organic skincare products are fresh and made with pure ingredients, plant-based and homemade, not made in a laboratory. 



 "Rejuvenates The Body, Please The Soul,

And Makes The Spirit Feel Like Gold." 

Giving You Something Different, 

Soul Different.

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