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Quality Ancient Silver Charm

Vintage and Mysterious

Durable and Sturdy

Non-Rust and Fade Resistance

Light Weight


French Genuine Stainless-Steel Fishhooks and Jump Rings

Hypoallergenic, Non-Fading, Colorfast

Oxidation Resistance

Clear Silicone Earring Backs

Safe and No Reactions to Sensitive Skin.


Resonating Positive Energy


Wonderfully made and straight to the point.

These Vintage Eye of Horus unique earrings are a must for anyone who resonates with Egyptian culture.


In ancient Egypt, The Eye of Horus is a symbol that represents protection, prosperity, health, and restoration. According to Egyptian myth, Horus lost his left eye in a struggle.


The Eye of Horus is derived from the myth of Isis and Osiris.

This symbol has an astonishing connection between neuroanatomical structure and function.

These eye-catching earrings are sure to bring up a conversation. They dangle with a nice shiny antique silver look and have a smooth touch.


The Tibetan metal charms are sturdy and not easy to break, rust, or fade, light in weight, and friendly to your skin, which can keep its bright appearance for a long time.


Beautiful and mysterious, these Eye of Horus earrings, with their daring look, will go with any outfit you choose.

Vintage Eye of Horus Earrings

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