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2oz toxic-free Amber Glass Jar



USDA Butters
Essential Oils Blend
SDOP Secret Ingredients

Holistic Plant-Based


If you have hair loss due to damage, dryness, menopause, ball spots, stress, thyroid, or alopecia, this hair butter conditions the scalp with healthy nutrients in every hair follicle, stimulating growth by giving you a healthier scalp and fuller hair.


  • GREAT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES | Can be applied to thin, thick, coarse, and natural hair - color-safe, repairs split ends, and strengthens hair.
  • All natural ingredients provide essential conditioning moisture to tame and maintain a healthier head of hair. The richness in butter and our extra vegan secret ingredients hydrate and make a little go a long way.


Samples are not available 

THE FRO THAT GROWS (Organic Hair Butter)

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