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Genuine Quality Stainless-Steel Necklace (24 Inches)

Tarnish-resistant and Anti-Allergic, safe for most skin types

Strong and Convenient Clasp

Durable and Bright Link Chain

Good Workmanship never fades.

The size of the charm is about 2.5 inches.

Resonating Positive Energy



Add a little energy into your life with these unique, exquisite gemstone chakra crystal necklaces. These gemstones carry a lot of positive energy, frequency, and a touch of Mother Nature by being in your oneness with the earth.


These charms are elaborately hand-crafted with a unique design, with many crystal stones arranged irregularly inside the round collar and the wires intertwined, giving it the appearance of a tree.


It's a symbol of beauty, health, wealth, and consciousness.

Every human is a tree of life, and this unique symbolic design is one of a kind.


Choose the color that resonates with you.

These charms are sturdy and durable and stand in a class of their own.

Each gemstone has qualities to help improve your overall mood. It helps with meditation, yoga, manifesting, and more.


Multiplicity Chakra Tree of Life Necklace

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