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Quality Ancient Silver Charm

Vintage and Mysterious

Electroplating Alloy

Durable and Sturdy

Non-Rust and Fade Resistance

Light Weight

French Genuine Stainless Steel Fishhooks and Jump Rings


Hypoallergenic, Non-Fading, Colorfast

Oxidation Resistance

Clear Silicone Earring Backs

Safe and No Reactions to Sensitive Skin.


Resonating Positive Energy


These beautiful evil eye exotic lashes are in a class of their own. They stand out among most with beautiful full lashes that still complement the evil eye. They sparkle, shine, and dangle like they're batting the lashes for style and grace while emulating the energies of the evil eye to keep you safe.


The evil eye in jewelry is a symbol of protection, as well as blessing, power, and strength.

They protect the wearer from evil and ward off the evil directed towards them by giving them power and protection against evil spirits or bad luck.

The evil eye is a powerful ancient symbol worldwide.


The history of the evil eye runs deep; since the dawn of time, human beings have turned towards talismans and meaningful symbols for protection and guidance.

In antiquity, the evil eye was in many different cultures. Some had endured extreme hardship, others believed in curses, and many more tied the evil eye to their deity.


Despite the differences between these religions and cultures, the intention of the evil eye has always been the same.


The Tibetan metal charms are sturdy and not easy to break, rust, or fade, light in weight, and friendly to your skin, which can keep its bright appearance for a long time.

Exotic Lashes Evil Eye Earrings

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