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Girls/Women Earrings

Quality Material: zinc alloy, lead, and nickel-free.

1 Inch Long

Czech Crystal Rhinestone

Crystal Vintage Rhinestone Crown

Antique Silver Hamsa Hand with a moving eyeball

925 Genuine Sterling Silver Hooks (S925) Stamp


Resonating Princess Energy


These lovely, gorgeous mermaid earrings are a must for any girl or woman.

They are uniquely made differently and will draw attention to how gorgeous they are.


The mermaid's torso and fin sparkle in rhinestones and are detailed in their appearance.


The vintage Crown made in rhinestones compliments the mermaid's elegant look, and the hamsa hand with moving eyeballs antique silver doesn't disappoint.


Choose between the mermaid with a crown, a mermaid with the hamsa hand, or both.


If you buy these for a little girl, she will love them.


Dazzling Mermaid Earrings

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