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Antique Vintage Style

Antique Silver Finish Color (two-sided key)

Metal Alloy

Extra Large

Good Quality and Workmanship

Very Sturdy and Durable

Genuine and High-Quality Stainless Steel Cable Necklace (24 Inches)


Tarnish-Resistant and Anti-Allergic, Safe for Most Skin Types

​Strong and Convenient Lobster Clasp

Durable Link Chain, Trendy, Bright, and Lightweight

Good Workmanship, Fade-Resistance


Resonating Positive Energy


A skeleton key is a type of master key in which the serrated edge has been removed in a way that it can open numerous locks, most commonly the warded.


The meaning of the word key is a tool that opens physical, intellectual, or spiritual barriers. A key can give access to riches and treasure, or it might keep safely guarded secrets, as in the legend of Pandora Box.

Keys represent good fortune, wisdom, mysticism, initiation, love, and freedom, making them a meaningful good luck charm.

Keys open and close doors and objects in the Physical and Spiritual world.


A Skeleton Key could mean any number of things, a mystery just begging to be unlocked. It's a hidden portal into the unknown.

This Skeleton Key will resonate and embody the meaning that you give it. You can use it as fashion or add a symbolic meaning that works for you.


It can be the opening of new beginnings manifesting good health, wealth, and anything else. It can be the closing of the past that you have put behind you and locked away from your life, and the skeleton key is a reminder not to look back and keep moving forward.

The skeleton key is also a protective amulet against evil and the evil eye.

Skeleton Keys are powerful keys and are associated with deities such as Anubis.

You have all the mysteries and treasures of your life embodied in a one-of-a-kind skeleton key.


Use the skeleton Key to shift your reality.

You would be opening doors to anything your heart desires – new projects, solutions, wisdom, love, success, financial prosperity, etc.

The Antique Vintage Skeleton Key Necklace is in a class of its own. It's the perfect size for showing off your personality while adding mystery. When asked what it opens, smile and say a world of limitless possibilities. Dare to make a statement that only you can create.

Antique Victorian Crown & Floral Skeleton Key Necklace

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