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3D Mink Eyelashes

Criss-Cross Wispy Fluffy Length

25mm Lashes Extension

100% Premium Lashes

100% Organic 

Cotton, Mink Fur

Vegan Cruelty-Free



Calling all divas, this one is for you!

"A Goddess Look" eyelashes, straight-up slay in the lash department. 

​These lashes are bold, secure, confident, playful, flirtatious,

wild and well-made.


Very thick & full lashes and considerably lengthy and

overly exaggerated.

Sexy and fluffy curls bat your eyes a few times, and he'll

be mesmerized.


These eyelashes maintain their shape and curl; you can wear them for a short or long time.

The bands are thick with just the right thickness.


They are lightweight and soft cotton bands,

easy and comfortable to wear.

They will add length, volume & fullness to your natural lashes.


They are soft and stunning; take care of them and keep them on the eyelash packaging to keep them with the same look.


If they are taken care of properly, you can reuse these eyelashes up to 15 times.


These are dramatic but stand out with a natural face or made-up face.

If you want the lashes to stand out more, a makeup face will be the key.


They're also perfect for drag and cosplay!

Get ready for a wedding, birthday party, graduation, girl's night out, or any event, occasion, or situation; these bold mink fur eyelashes will bring out your best features.


If you want to try something different, soul different, this is it; go for it.



1 Pair Eyelashes

1 Beautiful Butterfly Eyelash Storage box

1 Eyelash Tweezers

1 Eyelash Blush Mascara Wand



A small amount of glue does the trick.

You can reapply multiple times while keeping the same look.

For the best results, use quality dark glue.


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