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365 Metaphoric and Quantum Daily Quotes are composed of inspiring and motivational words to think outside the box every day of the year. Add positive affirmation and meditation daily; allow your positive energy to pick a page for the occasion.


Organically and poetically twisted, this quote book will give you something to think about on many different levels. Quantum and every theory relating to energy goes back to ancient Egyptian mythology.


The Egyptians had a lot of knowledge of the nature of space up to higher dimensions and provided ontology answers to the questions about the creation of matter that this generation is still trying to figure out.


Everyone can stretch reality to their perception based on illusion. To understand what something is, you must understand what something wasn't.

Humans have nothing but time, and all the time in the world could never scratch the surface of this divine universe.

But we still seek life with a deeper meaning, and quantum physics is an excellent source to explore.



365 Metaphoric and Quantum Daily Quotes (Paper Back Book)

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