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Genuine Stainless-Steel Earrings

Charm/Jump Rings/Hooks


Resonating Positive Energy


The hexagonal Chakra Crystal Shape Pendant Gems are hand-crafted in Natural and Genuine Quartz made of natural stones, making them very sturdy.


The Gemstones are gorgeous and have a unique design shaped like a bullet.

The minerals are highly known and prized for beauty, durability, and rarity.

These beautifully made earrings will give your outfit the elegance and energy to get you through your day. They are lightweight and love to dangle, showing off their radiant look.


They are known for being the source of life, lifting spirits, giving you grace and peace, attracting good opportunities and wealth, and helping you feel calm and relaxed while emulating positive energy.

The earrings come in a pretty little gift box with a bowtie wrapped around it.



Crystal Chakra Bullet Earrings

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